Real estate success: The King of Lead Generation

The Power of Door Knocking

Door knocking has long been the gold standard of lead generation for realtors, both new and experienced. It’s where the bread gets buttered and meaningful client relationships are formed and eventually turned into a sale generating machine. There are so many upsides to door knocking that it would be impossible to list them all so here are some of the best:

  • Door knocking gives you an edge over other realtors that won’t put in the work (You get more leads and more sales)
  • Leads will contact you when they are ready to sell
  • Door knocking is a long-term strategy which will set you up with leads for years to come, the future is more certain, especially in hard times
  • Door knocking does not cost you thousands of dollars just to get started.

The foundation for real estate prospecting success

Door knocking is a tried and tested approach. Take advantage of the experience that has been build up over centuries to be successful now:

  • Bring the right demeanour and attitude. Be positive, curious and helpful.
  • Dress for success. This is important in any business.
  • Determination. Use a structured approach and work step by step towards you goals.

So, Are You Taking Full Advantage?

The truth is that door knocking is not without its headaches, it can be tough to remember when you last visited a particular house, what mood the potential client was in, if they were interested in selling, and a whole host of other factors that can lead to both high rates of new listings and painful confrontations with frustrated homeowners. Even if you were to write all this information down the hassle can be enormous.

The solution is simple: an app that tracks all this information for you in seconds and builds out a profile for each and every house you visit. That means next time you visit you can see which houses were marked “Not Interested” letting you avoid an earful or houses that were marked “Not home” so you can give them another try and get leads more consistently.

You can even mark these houses as “Follow Up” making sure you don’t forget about people that were on the edge of selling but just needed a little nudge. The app that does all that and more is called Realtor Buddy and you can start your free trial right now and start making more sales! Take a big headache out of door knocking today.

RealtorBuddy page on AppStore

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