Does door knocking work?

Make door knocking work for you. Learn from other and use the RealtyBuddy app for door knocking success
make door knocking work for you

Door knocking to obtain leads in the real estate business has been around since time immemorial. A lot of realtors, ask themselves does door knocking work for me? For a while door knocking, or d2d sales as it is also called, became a controversial sales technique in contemporary society. However with telephone canvassing and social media getting ever more difficult due to regulations and consumer exhaustion, many real estate agents are convinced that this is a method that remains tried and tested.

Why pursue door knocking?

Schneider of Smashwords claims that door knocking is like a treasure hunt. Clues to the treasure are all around but there is no definitive map to make sure you are the lucky winner who discovers the treasure. The point though, is to be persistent. Much like anything else in life, those who try harder are the most likely to reap rewards. Those who refine their door knocking techniques are also the real estate agents who will generate the richest treasures at the end of the day.

A study conducted by Harvard Business School provides even greater motivation to continue to engage in the door knocking sales approach. One study conducted by Harvard Business School established that personal interaction on a face-to-face basis ended in recipients recalling the brand name 13 times more than that of other advertising in the market place (Smartzip). That is a powerful reason to retain this technique in any real estate company.

Imagine that an agent generates 13 times more brand recall for his or her company than that of competitors? Based on this data, door knocking should become or remain a staple for all real estate companies. The simple reason for this high degree of recall is that real estate, like most businesses is a people-oriented business. Personalizing your service gets better results than impersonal media advertising. So, how does the agent go about door knocking?

Best practices, make them yours!

Many real estate agents who have done door knocking have some basic advice to offer both novices and seasoned agents.

  • Dress for success but also dress for comfort. That is the advice offered by Schneider. Real estate agents don’t necessarily need to don a suit to impress but it is definitely advisable to look and behave as a professional.
  • Write up several sales scripts to follow when door knocking as these will build your confidence and instill trust in the potential lead. When you sound like you know what you are talking about, your market leads will be more likely to be helpful.
  • Be prepared to deviate from your script as different leads will ask different questions.
  • Do your homework. You don’t want to be standing in front of a prospect and not know how to respond. Even when you don’t know the answer, assure the prospect that you will find out and get back to them. Keep your word if you want that person to become a concrete prospect in the future.
  • Bring advertising material with you. This is a useful way to open the conversation and leave contact details should your lead wish to use the information or refer a friend to you for a sale.

This is some basic advice offered by Schneider in her e-book entitled ‘Door to Door Real Estate Prospecting: The Complete Guide to Door Knocking for Listings’and

Josh Snyder in ‘Door Knocking for Real Estate Agents .. THREE THINGS + SCRIPT’on YouTube.

Tried and tested tools to make your door knocking work

Practice and persistence in door knocking are the absolute drivers of success for real estate agents. But everyone needs a little help from time to time. Fortunately, the RealtorBuddy app affords agents a lot of help when going from door to door to build leads.

This exceptional app has been designed precisely for real estate agents. It helps agents to track their door knocking activities. Agents can make brief notes after a call and fill in further details once they have more time back at the office. For example, agents can note which homes had vicious looking dogs, those where there was no response, helpful prospects or those with grumpy owners, which might be best to avoid.

Recording all of this data on the app enables the agent to make door knocking far more successful than in the past. The RealtorBuddy app allows the agent to make follow up calls to strong prospects, remember what was discussed and what topics to focus on in the future to build strong business relationships. Personalization is key to door knocking success stories, and using the app just enhances lead generation.

One last important piece of advice in addition to using the RealtyBuddy app is to plan for success. Set goals. Stick to these and increase them over time. Door knocking may be a traditional real estate sales technique but it still holds enormous value in modern society. This value is greatly enhanced by the RealtorBuddy app, blending the past with the present in a highly successful manner.

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  1. Well I have done my share of canvasing clients at their homes….When I was in the residential game … I do believe it can work and it did work for me , but I also feel that an online presence is the way to go so you can concentrate on several leads that come in and keep your funnal growing…

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